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As in the past, this column will provide you with interesting information that can include human interest stories, historical events and perspectives, happenings in the county or controversial pondering. Either my colleagues or I will author the monthly pieces and you can in turn respond with your own comments, if you choose.

This month I will provide you with a bit of background information on some of our Clarkstown and countywide candidates. Hopefully, this will help you in your decisions when you go out to vote on Tuesday, November 5. Remember, you can make a difference in who represents you – go out and vote!!!

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Legislator Ed Day and candidate for Rockland County Executive is an experienced public and private sector executive with a plan to stimulate economic growth, balance our budget, reduce taxes, stop overdevelopment, and ensure that our kids share a bright future in Rockland. Ed has a strong record, from voting against every bad budget since 2008, to implementing a Gas Tax Cap, to fighting high-density housing like Patrick Farms. Visit for more!

Councilman George Hoehmann has made a difference. He ……….

• Proposed consolidation of Receiver of Taxes with Town Clerk’s Office, saving taxpayers over $400,000 annually

• Championed efforts that will save taxpayers over $6,000,000 with the creation of a “solar field” at former landfill,

(the first ever in New York State)

• Protected our quality of life by implementing the toughest penalties for zoning code violations in all of Rockland County

• Proposed and serves as coordinator of the file of life program to improve emergency medical response for seniors and persons with disabilities

Judge Scott Ugell is the longest serving Town Justice in Clarkstown history since elected in 1991. He was the youngest judge ever elected in recent Clarkstown history. Judge Ugell is now seeking his seventh term as Clarkstown Justice. Judge Ugell is a crusader in his quest to develop and implement a court security protocol, as well as his work in increasing the awards litigants can pursue in small claims court. Judge Ugell is the chairman of the Board of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Rockland County, Inc. However, and rightfully so, he is most proud of his two daughters, Sari and Rebecca, who, when not at college, live with him in New City, NY.

Judge Craig Johns has been a Clarkstown town justice since 1993. He has served as a judge in the Domestic Violence Court, and as founding judge on the County Drug Court. Judge Johns was a former Rockland County assistant district attorney, and has 34 years experience as a trial attorney. Judge Johns enforces strict sentencing for drug, violence offenders, as well as repeat offenders, but has demonstrated measured compassion for young first offenders. He is always available to the public and the police. Police and unions have shown their appreciation of Judge Johns through their endorsements of him.

Outside of his judicial responsibilities he is also a little league team sponsor and coach. He is also on the North High School Hall of Fame Committee.

Wayne Ballard, P.E., C.S.P., Highway Superintendent, is asking for your support. His 16 years experience, education and leadership through snow storms and natural disasters make for a successful department with a $15 million dollar annual budget. He continues to improve services in a growing town with 25 fewer employees and secured Federal/State funding of $3.75 million in the past two years alone to keep our taxes down.

John J. Noto, Candidate for Town Council grew up in Clarkstown and graduated from St Thomas Aquinas College while majoring in Finance. He owned two successful small businesses and recently left the position of Director of Real Property Tax Services to become a Property/Asset Manager for a private company. My company’s team is responsible for a large Class A office complex. John has 25 years of financial and managerial experience, which is well suited for the issues facing Clarkstown today. He is a strong supporter of “term limits” and will fight against political patronage. Judge Johns supports strong zoning regulations and strict enforcement of them to maintain the value of our homes and the character of our community.

November 5 is the day to elect Donna Held – Rockland County Clerk. You have the opportunity and power to eliminate a quarter century of mediocrity service in the County Clerk’s Office. It is time to try new and improved services: a kiosk for your unclaimed funds, fraud prevention technology, and a Rockland specific phone application. Donna will go boldly forward for Rockland County, and stop the stagnation. Be the change-agents, vote Donna Held on Nov. 5 and she will work for you.

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