Larry Miller to be at Historic Paramount Theater in Middletown October 26


Photo by Greg Gorman
Photo by Greg Gorman

Larry Miller writes all his own material and says there is plenty to go around with the things happening in the world. Miller flies in to the area this weekend from Los Angeles, where he’s done movies such as “Pretty Woman” and where he lives with his wife, who is a writer and producer.

He broke into show business in college singing in an a cappella group and acting as the group’s master of ceremonies. “I always knew I would do comedy and be in entertainment. There was never a doubt about it,” he tells the Rockland County Times.

He had an uncle who was a comedian, but otherwise his parents were not in the entertainment field. His first gig in Manhattan was at the Comic Strip where Jerry Seinfield also performed. There he was playing the drums on weekends and doing improv seven nights a week.

That was back in 1978 and he said it was a great way to learn his trade. Miller moved to Los Angeles in 1981 and did his act at the Comedy Store. Director Gary Marshall gave him the role of a clothing store manager in “Pretty Woman” and he is still doing movies with one to be filmed in Vancouver in July.

Miller is not much into politics in his act and focuses on everyday things. Catch Miller at the Paramount in Middletown, October 26.

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