Dear Editor,

United Water and French parents “Suez Environnement” and “GDF Suez” want us to drink “desalinated” water from the common trough of the Hudson River. After all, GDF CEO Mestrallet is a French Socialist. The Tritium and Strontium-90 leaking into the Hudson are called “radionuclides.” United Water’s “Haverstraw Water Supply Project” Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS), Section, “Chapter 2: Project Description” (Page 2-33), discusses them:

“The technology for real-time monitoring and instantaneous reporting for the presence of most individual radionuclides is not available; therefore, analysis is done in a laboratory.”

United Water would have you believe you are safe relying upon some early-warning system they promise to install with the Desalination Plant, to make sure you don’t drink radioactive material. But United Water can’t support that promise, by their own written admission in the DEIS. If you have ever waited for a laboratory result, you know that there is nothing “early” about it. Moreover, why trust United Water, Suez, and GDF to report accurately?

They never timely and adequately warned you, the customer, in advance, about the arsenic, turbidity, and copper sulfate in your drinking-water supply. They only spun their sanitized publicity about those contaminations – perhaps the only thing United Water really does know how to sanitize – weeks to months after the fact. For that matter, would one think that United Water adequately warned the children included in the 2002 Toms River, New Jersey civil settlement, about the acrylonitrile and other mutagenic chemicals in their drinking water?

Very truly yours,
John J. Tormey III, Esq.
Dump Suez, LLC

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