Stephanie’s Adventures in Singledom: Know When to Fold Them Saying I’m Sorry


Some guys should have a sign on there head that says: Warning: May cause Heartbreak, Will ignore you, Make you mad & Then pretend as if nothing happened! Yep, that is my situation I find myself in completely.

Saying sorry doesn’t mean that you are guilty of something, it just means that you respect someone’s feelings, just as forgiving someone doesn’t mean that you are dismissing the behavior as you are just dismissing the mistake. In relationships, most men hate admitting they’re wrong, that is a strong fact. And love means never having to say you’re sorry. Or does it? I think there are many times when guys SHOULD apologize and there are times when a guy just is being appeasing and saying those words over something as stupid as leaving the toilet seat up. In 2010, USA Today released a study that said that men don’t really have a harder time saying they’re sorry than women do. They’re just less likely to think they did something wrong. That I can certainly see as true, but when a guy goes completely out of his way to first show you that he likes you using his body language, and then does a complete 180, to purposely hurt you, you know something doesn’t fit. And when you pour out your heart and soul to the guy and he decides to ignore you instead of just saying, “I screwed up, I’m sorry,” he has no right to just think that the problem is just going to vanish. And guys, saying, “I’m sorry that you are upset,” is NOT an apology!

I am not the type of woman who thinks a guy needs to buy her the flowers, candy or jewelry to accompany the “I’m sorry,” speech, but if a guy gets me a meaningful card and writes a little note on it- bam- he is forgiven! Buying a woman off isn’t the point of giving an apology. But I will admit, getting flowers though is a nice gesture. The point is to just admit that you did something that hurt her and that you want her to feel better. When you apology you are putting your silly pride and ego aside and you are showing that you have respect for the woman you upset.

Men are silly creatures because everything in life is all about winning. They have to win the argument, they have to win a bet, they have to win at a game of pool, etc. But not everything in life is about winning. Yes, I know, a woman will hold it over your head and bring up things you have done in the past, sometimes though, you bring that on yourself by stalling to apologize. So, here’s just a little advice to the guys out there and if the guy who needs to apologize to me is reading this, take note: When you’ve done something wrong, admit it and say sorry. No one in history has ever choked to death from swallowing his pride.

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