Jim Monaghan, Retired Police Lieutenant and Political Newcomer, Throws Hat into Electoral Arena


66761_429089827205805_1543733932_nDistinguished retired police officer who is running for Stony Point town council 2013, Jim Monaghan, said he is ready and able to bring a new and productive perspective into town politics.

“I am not a politician; I am a hard-working, honest, family-man who wants to work tirelessly for the residents of Stony Point,” said Monaghan a retired NYPD Lt. Commanding Officer and candidate for Stony Point town council on the Republican and Independence Party ballots. Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 5.

The life-time resident of Rockland County said he has always been involved in the community because he genuinely cares about Stony Point. “I stay active so that my children can reside here and not be forced out by a high cost of living.”

He said his daughter Tara an All American La Crosse Player and sophomore at Cortland University plans to return to Stony Point after college. “Tara wants to be a teacher and coach right here in North Rockland School District.”

“My son James is following in his father’s and grandfather’s footsteps,” he said. “James is in the academy to become a NYPD police officer.”

Too many residents have been forced to leave Stony Point because they cannot afford to live here, said Monaghan. “I would be proactive in attracting new business to create an environment that benefits tax payers and creates jobs to help offset high residential property taxes.”

The vacant Letchworth Village property is the first area he would develop, he said. “Letchworth is underutilized commercial property that, with a commercial-ratable structure, can contribute revenue to the town.”

The politicians have discussed creating more retables in the town for years, but he said he has not seen anything accomplished. “We need sustainable retables and new businesses that will benefit tax payers and create jobs – we have to take action now.”

His vision is to utilize the many tourist attractions in the area by encouraging more visitors, he said. “Stony Point has a beautiful town golf course; we have a catering hall; we are close to West Point; and a 15-minute drive from the intersection of Woodbury Commons, which is the largest intersection in New York State.”

Monaghan, who is a former little league manager and CYO coach, said investing in a hotel will bring visitors who will invest in Stony Point businesses. “With a hotel we can promote our tourism, local historical cultural centers, including the Stony Point Battle Field, the Penguin Rep Theatre and our golf course.”

After walking door-to-door meeting the voters, he said Stony Point residents are concerned about high taxes. “That is why we have to be proactive in bringing in taxable structures into underutilized areas, so that we can increase the tax revenue for the town without raising property taxes.”

The former Rockland County Police Athletic League boxing coach said he is eager to work with local businesses, realtors, and organizations such as the North Rockland Business Alliance to attract new business. “In this town I think Democrats and Republicans have to work together using independent ideas.”

As a 25-year member of Haverstraw Elks Lodge #877 he said he has experience working with the community in getting goals accomplished. “We help veterans by providing visits and meals; we established a basketball youth tournament; and we give out scholarships.”

In retirement after close to 28 years of public service with the NYPD, Monahan said he has the time and energy to make a unique contribution to the town of Stony Point. “I will bring new ideas and new thinking to the town board.”

“I have always considered myself a conservative Republican,” he said. “But I always vote for what is right for Stony Point, regardless of the candidate’s political affiliation.”

Monaghan and his wife Jackie of 25 years are parishioners of Immaculate Conception Church and long-time Stony Point residents, he said. “My beautiful wife and I would like to see our children raise their families’ right here in Stony Point.”

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