Stephanie’s Adventures in Singledom: Does this sound like any guy you know?

Here’s why some guys are alone. They are alone because deep down that is what they really want.

Let me tell you why:

Some guys have created this image of this “ideal” woman, so when regular women; wonderful, real women fall short, they reject them. That way they never have to settle down and then everyone can still feel sorry about poor, lonely them.

One of these factors is the fear of rejection. Guys suffer from this more than women do. Women don’t like to waste time; they either want to know if you want to be with her or with out her. So to speak, they cut to the chase, whereas a man puts women into 2 categories: in my league and out of my league. If they feel that you are out of their league, they make not even bother to ask you out even if they know that you like them simply because of this fear that once you get to know them, you will leave them. Many times a man is attracted, but shy, and doesn’t move forward. Often, the more attracted to the woman he is, the more shy he behaves. However, a guy can be very interested and shy or afraid to proceed at the same time. Men use their ego and show their“bad-boy”attitude because they feel they have the need to have a tough exterior in order to keep a woman chasing & challenging them. But once it is bruised, it takes a long time for them to get back on the horse if you will. When a man gets hurt it’s actually worse than when a woman does. Women are typically more emotionally involved in many different aspects of life, whereas men don’t get emotionally involved in as many things in life as women do.

I’m not saying that guys should just ‘settle” but you aren’t going to be happy if every time you discover a flaw in someone, you go to somebody else because every woman has her own flaws, nobody is perfect. (And vice versa) Why throw away a great girl because you are holding out for some ridiculous fantasy? Find that someone who makes you better, without trying to change who you are.

Some men want a Barbie doll but they forget they aren’t a Ken. Besides, here’s what most guys seem to forget: There’s a difference between pretty & beautiful. When someone is pretty, they have a good appearance & when someone is beautiful they shine from the inside out. And in the end that is the only way that the relationship will last.

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