A Great Victory for Rockland!


Last night we got the amazing news – after all of our hard work, time, sweat, and tears, we brought home a victory for this great county!

It was a hard fought campaign, and you all gave so much of yourselves towards it. I was blown away by the support on the campaign trail, and I am still blown away by our against-all-odds victory!

I want to thank all of the volunteers who put their time in, particularly our campaign leadership – the campaign manager, town captains and lieutenants, phone chief, sign chiefs – the people who made this organization work. I want to thank every last one of you who donated a cent of your money or a minute of your time towards this campaign. I want to thank my wife and family for putting their all on the line for this, and offering so much time and support.

Now the real work begins. I swear to you here and now – I will keep and honor the trust you have put in me. I will put everything I have into turning Rockland County around. I will attack every problem we’ve discussed during this election with 110 percent of myself from this moment throughout my term.

Thank you for your support. You did it – you shocked the system. You took back Rockland County. This is your victory. Enjoy it.

All the best,

Ed Day

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