Statements Regarding Approval of Early Lottery Funding to East Ramapo


County Executive-Elect Ed Day has released the following statement regarding Governor Cuomo’s approval of the bill authorizing early delivery of lottery monies to the East Ramapo Central School District:

“Though I am glad to see East Ramapo get this much-needed aid at no taxpayer expense, I am most heartened by the requirement of partial state involvement in the District’s finances as a condition of the funding.  I applaud this step, but I strongly believe that, necessary though it may be, it must only be considered a small first step.

“As such I once again urge Albany to pass S6687-2011: An Act to Amend the Education Law, in Relation to Intervention in Chronically Underperforming School Districts, which would set up a better system to allow the state to move in and appoint a caretaker school board if the NYS Schools Chancellor determines that the current one is not acting in the district’s best interest, and a caretaker fiscal director to correct budgetary issues.”

“Last night, Governor Cuomo signed the ‘spin up’ bill that advances lottery aid to the East Ramapo School District.  The school district requested this aid in order to save programs for students.  Over the past several years, the East Ramapo parents have made their point loud and clear; they want to be heard. Although this bill is necessary to save student programs, there must be oversight on how the money is spent. The bill addresses those concerns by soliciting community input to ensure these funds go directly to educational programs.”


“I thank the Governor for his leadership and partnership in signing this important piece of legislation. The East Ramapo Central School district has major needs and this legislation is vital to restoring important program funding as well as implementing key oversight that will make sure the spin-up funds go where they are most needed.  We must continue to bring communities together to work for the benefit of all the children of East Ramapo and across the Hudson Valley.”



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