Lotto player wins big in Spring Valley


IMG_20131126_103320_991 IMG_20131126_103945_328Spring Valley – Hector Reinos walked into a Spring Valley convenience store on October 27 and purchased a lotto ticket on a whim, but his impulse buy might turn out to be the best decision of his life.

Reinos, a 39-year-old handyman and father of one, bought a winning $2,500 a Week for Life scratch-off ticket from the Pit Stop Deli & Convenience on South Central Avenue, while waiting on his laundry at a nearby Laundromat. After scratching off the ticket, it was revealed he had won the grand prize.

According to the lucky winner, he was “in shock” when he found out he had won. Before he went any further and set aside his disbelief, he re-checked the ticket over and over to ensure he was correct.

“I was [re-checking the ticket]six or seven times,” Reinos said.

After he was certain of his win, he placed the ticket in his jacket and rushed home. The next day, he brought the ticket to the New York Lottery’s Fishkill Customer Service Center, where it was verified and he was cleared to receive his payout.

The $2,500 a Week for Life’s prize is payable through the typical weekly payment or a new option allowing one lump sum payment. Reinos chose the latter, receiving over $1.3 million after taxes.

Reinos explained he was still thinking about how he would spend the money, but mentioned the possibility about purchasing a home, a car and a small business to provide his local Spanish-speaking community with employment opportunities.

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