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0Well before I began studying to become a licensed esthetician, I followed a beauty regimen that I (to this day) am obsessed with and recommend to all family members & friends – microdermabrasion. The formal definition = a cosmetic treatment in which the face and neck are sprayed with exfoliant crystals to remove dead epidermal cells … sounds kinda cool, huh? IT IS – truly! And this little treatment has been the *key* to my confidence for years. As mentioned in an earlier post on ()… my college years were not the highlight of my life. Poor nutrition, lack of sleep, stress from tests etc etc were all contributing factors to my less than stellar complexion throughout those years. After graduation, I was left with discoloration, uneven skin tone and superficial acne scarring – what was a girl to do?!

A guy friend of mine at the time had similar concerns to my own. He suggested that I look into microdermabrasion since it had helped to smooth out his skin and significantly reduce the appearance of dark marks from acne scarring. He regained his confidence from the treatment and felt comfortable recommending it to me. With that, I began my research and found a local esthetician within a plastic surgeon’s office. Not to worry, my little nuggets, you can get the treatment done at a spa, massage therapy salon or even at your dermatologist’s office – just ask! I bet you’re wondering why I LOVE it so much? I’m happy to tell you exactly why, and it’s quite simple:

· -Skin is VISIBLY smoother, feels even softer & the best part… when applying makeup, it looks absolutely flawless

· -Dark marks from acne scars are significantly reduced and / or totally gone (caveat = most of my scars are complete goners, however, I do still have a few very light traces here & there

· -My skin tone is much more even

· -The younger you start microderm, the sooner you begin anti-aging ‘prevention’ which is wonderful news for those premature fine lines & wrinkles 😉

· -I’ve never felt more confident than I do now, and THAT makes it WORTH IT

Every time I schedule a microdermabrasion appointment, I book a series of 6. You will get the best results doing 6 separate sessions, 7 to 10 days apart. Many estheticians incorporate a full European Facial with the microdermabrasion treatment, which is equivalent to approximately 1 full hour. The cost of this service varies widely depending on 1) the establishment you choose to go to 2) the number of sessions you decide to purchase.

Let me suggest talking to your esthetician about purchasing the appropriate home care products for your skin type after you receive the treatment. This is one of the most important things you’ll do during your appointment being that the routine you follow at home accounts for 80% of the condition of your skin. Sure, it’s great to pay for fabulous skincare treatments, however, if you aren’t actually following a regimen that’s catered to your specific skin care needs, then you really aren’t getting the maximum benefit of the procedure.

Remember – the skin is our body’s largest organ and it is imperative that we take care of it as much as humanely possible. It’s the only true ‘home’ we have – be kind to it. Keep calm & microderm on.

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