New Rent-A-Center opens in West Haverstraw


photoWest Haverstraw – Just in time for the holiday season, a new store in West Haverstraw is offering expensive household items on payment plans, providing an additional option for holiday shoppers. Like other outlets, Rent-A-Center-which opened on November 15-specializes in the rental and sale of various items. However, Rent-A Center differs in that it offers rent-to-own plans for all in-store items,

Customers enter in one of several different gradual payment agreements, not dissimilar to credit card payment, but unlike a card, customers are not bound to an arrangement beyond the rental itself. “You’re not tied down to anything like if you have a credit card,” West Haverstraw Rent-A-Center store manager Christopher Jarris explained.

Items which can be rented and eventually owned through this method include sets for living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms, TV and home entertainment, computers and gaming systems, cleaning appliances and other furnishings. Often times, the item is paid off over the course of 90 days, interest included. Merchandise can be returned or upgraded as well.

The location is the second Rent-a-center in Rockland County, the first being on North Main Street in Spring Valley. Outside the county, the nearest locations are in Peekskill and White Plains.

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