Federal Appeals Court Strikes Down Cuomo’s “Seven Bullet” Rule; Gun Rights Activists Plan SAFE Act Protest on Jan 11

A bizarre statute enacted as part of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s controversial gun control SAFE Act has been ruled unconstitutional by a federal appeals court.

The SAFE Act had allowed gun owners to possess 10 bullet magazines, but to only load seven bullets into them. The judge ruled the regulations arbitrary. The judge also threw out a portion of the law that regulated pre-1994 ammo feeders as well as a portion of the bill that had grammar errors and thus was found legally inadequate.

The rest of the law was upheld, however.

Anti-SAFE Act crusader Senator Greg Ball reacted thusly, “This bill was written with the saving of one, and only one, life in mind. He political life of a governor who wants to be president. Level-headed professionals, including those within the law enforcement community, have pointed out the sheer idiocy of enforcing this political ploy. I am glad to hear that the federal court has ruled that the seven bullet limit, instituted by the NY Safe Act, is an arbitrary number and therefore unconstitutional freedoms. Passed in the dark of night, this law was rushed through the legislature and did not go through the typical airing, which would have allowed the public and my fellow legislators to see the obvious flaws in the wording and structure of the bill…The fight must continue to over-turn the entire law.”

As the SAFE Act is still a law, New York gun activists have announced their intention to organize a novel form of protest on January 11.

In what they are dubbing “The shot heard around New York State,” organizers are asking gun owners around New York to legally and safely fire their weapon at 12 noon on January 11, marking the one-year anniversary of the passage of the SAFE Act.

2 Responses to "Federal Appeals Court Strikes Down Cuomo’s “Seven Bullet” Rule; Gun Rights Activists Plan SAFE Act Protest on Jan 11"

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  2. terzmo   January 8, 2014 at 7:43 am

    Senator Ball is one of the many “cheerleaders” who stand on the sidelines and watch the “public” take the fight to Albany. He and others who proudly state they did not vote for the safe act have done NOTHING in almost a year after it’s passing. He and others took an oath to defend the Constitution and again have done nothing. This will be remembered in the fall and other elections. We need people to represent the “rights” of the people. NOT legislators like Ball and others.


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