Clarkstown police searching for man suspected of sexually abusing child at Palisades Center

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West Nyack – Clarkstown Police are currently searching for a man who is suspected of sexually abusing two children at the Palisades Center in late December.

The individual allegedly approached a 10-year-old girl from behind in the children’s section of the Barnes and Noble on December 26 while her mother was nearby and performed a lewd act before leaving the scene. The same man is also the suspect in a similar act against an 8 year old girl at Bed, Bath & Beyond on December 21.

Police have a good idea of the man’s appearance from video footage obtained from the mall’s security cameras. He has been described as a Caucasian or Hispanic male in his late 20s weighing about 200 pounds. The footage shows the suspect wearing all black except for a printed design on the front of his shirt, a backwards cap and a full beard and moustache.

In addition, the suspect might have left the mall in a light green minivan with out-of-state plates.

Clarkstown police called upon the public to provide information, but have now received enough leads that they are no longer requesting assistance from the public. Though no suspect is in custody yet, the case remains open and active.

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