GOPer Castricone Announces Candidacy for NY State Assembly Seat Vacated by Annie Rabbitt

Former County Legislator Daniel Castricone (R) has announced his candidacy for New York’s vacant 98th NY Assembly District. The seat had been occupied by Annie Rabbitt (R) until she was sworn in as Orange County clerk last week.

Dan“Albany’s never ending tax and spend mentality is driving our economy to ruin,” said Castricone. “We are hemorrhaging jobs, our young and some of our best minds to other states that offer more promising opportunities. Thousands have already fled New York, and the out migration shows no sign of abating.”

“It is imperative that New York reign in spending, and find more efficient ways to provide health care services to those that need them,” said Castricone, noting that New York spends more on Medicaid than Texas, Florida and California combined.

Castricone lambasted Governor Cuomo’s proposal to pit upstate against the Hudson Valley by creating tax free zones in only parts of New York. “Manufacturing tax free zones that do not include the Hudson Valley reflect an attitude that we are the piggy bank for the rest of the state,” said Castricone. “The Hudson Valley may be the most geographically advantaged area for business growth in the country. I will not let Albany waste our great potential by driving business out of Orange and Rockland Counties.”

While a member of the Orange County Legislature, Castricone served as chairman of the county’s Personnel and Compensation Committee. He is a former Tuxedo town councilman and Tuxedo deputy supervisor. He is a small business owner and has more than 25 years of management experience in both the small business and Fortune 500 realms.

A life-long area resident, Castricone and his wife Marie are the parents of three children and reside in Tuxedo. He is the operator of an insurance and financial services firm in Rockland County. Castricone earned his BS in Economics from SUNY Buffalo and his Juris Doctorate degree with honors from the Pace University School of Law.

Cartricone hails from Stony Point and has run an All State agency in Nanuet for the past several years. He also was a candidate for the state Supreme Court in 2013.

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