No one would think that Olive Madison and Florence Unger could live together. A neurotic, hysterical woman who just found out her husband wants a divorce moves in with an untidy sports producer who loves the freedom of being on her own. What will happen?

In the Clarkstown South High School’s production of the classic Neil Simon show, “The Odd Couple,” we join Olive and Florence as they come face to face with the biggest challenges of their lives: each other. Of course, you can’t forget their friends who come over for rousing games of Trivial Pursuit. Making up the clique is Vera, the dimwitted ditz, Renee, the provocative businesswoman, Sylvie, the irritable, impatient mom, and Mickey, the sarcastic, but lovable cop.

To excite matters further, a pair of Spanish brothers, Manolo and Jesus, lives right upstairs from Florence and Olive. This is sure to be an interesting ride!

“The Odd Couple” is the student-run show for Clarkstown South High School’s theatre club, Centerstage. Jordan Katz-Gerrish directs it along with a dedicated production team, highly skilled crew, and talented cast. All of the profits made from the show will be donated to the Rockland Branch of the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The show date is January 17 at 8 p.m.

Will being roommates be a blessing, or will it lead to the end of their friendship? After all, they are an odd couple!

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