Bieber is becoming a male Lohan

While many of our readers will not care, some will be interested to learn that Justin Bieber was arrested in Florida last night for DUI and drag racing. He was released on $2,500 bond.

The arrest is the latest in an increasingly bizarre string of drug-fueled misbehavior. At first his rowdy antics of the past year or so appeared to be common late teen hijinks, but upon closer analysis, Bieber may be doing a male version of the Lindsey Lohan routine and completely imploding.

When police searched Bieber’s mansion last week following a vandalism accusation by his neighbor, they found a copious amount of codeine and marijuana. Bieber had been accused of causing thousands of dollars worth of damage in an egg-throwing attack on his neighbor’s house. In the Florida incident, TZM reported he admitted to police he was buzzed on booze and prescription meds.

Bieber and Lohan also share in common the presence of a fame-hungry father. Bieber was raised by his single mother, but his wannabe rock star father Jeremy, who is only 38 years old, has been seen hanging out and causing trouble with Justin and friends lately.

Will someone help Bieber before it’s too late? Or will he become another Hollywood casualty?

An intoxicated Justin Bieber smiles in his mug shot for DUI and drag arrest
An intoxicated Justin Bieber smiles in his mug shot for DUI and drag racing

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