To the Editor,

I woke up the other morning to the radio telling me that Governor Cuomo will be speaking that day about the possibility of allowing pot to be legal for medical use. Are you kidding me? What is he thinking? Is he high? If you’re going to go the route of legal pot, legalize it for everyone. Anyone who wants it, can get it and the government can tax it. Legalize it – and tax it! Regulate it – and tax it! Package it – and tax it! Tax the bongs! Tax it all: the cocaine, mushrooms, rock, crack, reds, etc. etc. The could be Marlboro pot, Camel pot, Winston pot, even Newport and Kool pot. The more money the government gets in, the more they can borrow. They’d be pig slop happy with all they could add to the pork barrel. Yeah — land of the free, home of the pothead. No, that’s not right…home of the taxed.


Timothy Braun

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