The Town of Orangetown to make police appointments at a special meeting


The Orangetown Town Board will be holding a special meeting on Tuesday, February 4, 2014, 8 p.m., at Orangetown Town Hall, 26 Orangeburg Road, Orangeburg, N.Y., for purpose of making police promotions/appointments.

Sgt. Michael Davin will be elevated to the rank of police lieutenant, filling a vacancy that occurred earlier in the year due to a retirement.   Police Officers Kirk Vega and James Acheson will be promoted to the rank of police sergeant.

At the ceremony, the town will announce that Chief Kevin A. Nulty will be increasing the responsibilities of two of the department’s police sergeants by assigning them to detective duties.  These assignments are a continuance of a plan that was initiated in 2012 when a new police captain’s position was created to be in charge of the department’s restructured Administrative and Investigative Services Bureau.

The new detective sergeants will be tasked with a variety of functions.  Chief Nulty stated that they will help lead the department’s efforts when it comes to deterring prescription and dangerous drug abuse, the enhancement of technological advancements, crime analysis, as well as other preventive and youth-oriented initiatives.   The chief further stated that their duties will also include working on budgetary/administrative efficiencies, police officer development, professional standards and internal affairs.  Sergeants’ James Sullivan and Michael Shannon have been selected to fill these positions.

Supervisor Stewart said, “This was a highly competitive and thorough process and I have tremendous confidence in these police officers. Especially in light of recent reports of heroin overdoses that, these promotions address the on-going need for highly effective policing to keep our community safe.”

The on-going restructuring of first-line and mid-management positions within the Orangetown Police Department is designed to make the department more organizationally sound and achieve greater cost-efficiency within supervisory ranks.  The reorganizational plan will continue to evolve as personnel changes throughout the year.

The police department will also be swearing in two new probationary police officers’, Keith Trojan and Thomas Roeder.  These officers will attend their Basic Police Officer Training at the Rockland County Police and Public Safety Academy in Pomona, N.Y., with an anticipated graduation date of June, 2014.

The public is invited to attend the ceremony which will take place directly after the 7:00 pm graduation ceremony of the Orangetown Youth Court, and right before the Town Board Workshop meeting.


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