Orange County man arrested for attempted robbery in Stony Point


sweeneyAn Orange County resident was arrested in Stony Point on February 1 and accused with drunkenly attempting to rob and beat another man in a local stationary store.

According to Stony Point Police, Robert F. Sweeney, a resident of Warwick, NY and a former North Rockland resident, allegedly accosted a shopper in a Stony Point shop. After the man left to avoid Sweeney, the suspect followed him into Stout Steve’s Stationary Store on South Liberty Drive and continued harassing him.

In the stationary store, Sweeney briefly assaulted the man, pushing him into a counter and punching him in an attempted robbery. The assault continued until the store owner attempted to defend the other man and another patron called for police.

Sweeney left the store on foot but was quickly apprehended. Stony Point Police Lieutenant Keith Williams stated that Sweeney, who was drunk at the time of his arrest, had also caused a scene in the station and damaged police property.

Sweeney now stands charged with attempted robbery, assault, attempted grand larceny and harassment in the second degree and criminal mischief in the fourth degree. His bail has bee set at $10,000 and he is due back in court on February 6.

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