Jaffee Applauds Speaker Sheldon Silver and Education Chair Catherine Nolan Call to Delay Common Core Test-Based Assessments and Sharing of Student Privacy Data


Assemblywoman Ellen Jaffee (D-Suffern) today applauded Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and Education Chair Catherine Nolan for their call to delay Common Core test-based assessments and the sharing of student privacy data.

“As a former educator and outspoken advocate for public education, I have expressed concerns, as many of my colleagues have regarding the rushed implementation of the Common Core Standards and test-based assessments and the impact they are having on education and students. In addition, I have serious reservations about the proposed storage, use and disclosure of personally identifiable student data and question the State Education Department’s ability to ensure protection of student data,” Jaffee said. “While improving our schools, helping our students to achieve their full potential, and preparing them to pursue successful careers are common goals, I believe that a moratorium is essential and that the SED should continue to develop Common Core curricula working collaboratively with educators and school districts in developing their own curricula, so teachers will be able to successfully teach Common Core aligned subjects. I support the NYS Educational Conference Board’s Five-Point Action Plan, which addresses the need to refocus the Common Core on student learning and instruction and lays the groundwork to realistically implement the Common Core in our schools.”

Silver and Nolan called for Common Core aligned test-based assessments to be delayed for a minimum of two years. They also expressed, as they have in the past, concerns regarding the State Education Department’s plans to share student data with a private third party vendor and called upon SED to delay the use of inBloom or any third party vendor in developing a “data portal” until questions that have been raised by advocates and stakeholders have been answered and fully satisfied.

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