O&R Issues Storm-Watch in Anticipation of Thursday’s Weather Event


PEARL RIVER, NY Feb. 11, 2014 4 p.m. — O&R has declared a company-wide Storm Watch in anticipation of a significant snow storm looming on the horizon for Thursday.

A storm packing 6-12 inches of snowfall is predicted to hit the O&R service area about 5 a.m. Thursday. Winds are expected to be 15-25 miles per hour with peak gusts of 35-40 m.p.h. The temperature is expected to hover between 28 and 30 degrees. The snow is due to continue through Thursday evening until as late as 10 p.m.

Because this storm activity increases the potential for power line damage and electric service interruptions, O&R is preparing to mobilize its workforce to carry out the company’s Emergency Response Plan.

O&R managers are running through the pre-mobilization check lists, staffing plans are being set for deployment, supplies and equipment are being prepared for dispersal and trucks are being readied for the road.

O&R company crews will be getting their pre-mobilization instructions. O&R’s contractor line and tree crews will be briefed and O&R will request additional damage assessment aid through the utility industry’s mutual assistance program.

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