To the Editor,

Let me get this straight, Congress is still sending letters to the N F L to change the name of a football team. You all must be aware we have a team called The Redskins and has been since day one.

We still have to get the entire story on Benghazi, you all remember that massacure. The same one Hillary and Obama have not been held accountable for or ever told the truth. Then there is Fast and Furious, a border patrolman was murdered with the guns sold to the Drug Cartel, the IRS and NSA scandals. If you are of the same mind set as I, you will agree the name of a football team is so over the hill it is insulting to the American people.

I would suggest that Congress put all their efforts on getting our country back on track and let the sports world take care of theirs. My opinion, this is truly disgusting.

Rosemary Mariotti
Stony Point

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