Cuomo Visits Rockland for Emergency Preparation Event

1898184_575268515884400_1347530827_n Picture 9Governor Cuomo graced Rockland with his presence last weekend, making an appearance at a special “Citizen Preparedness Corps Training Program.”

Cuomo gave a speech encouraging attendees that the state is poised to make a big comeback economically. He boasted of progress on the Tappan Zee Bridge project.

National Guard officers instructed audience members of proper protocol during emergencies and reminded everyone not to touch live wires, a seemingly obvious lesson that some in Rockland failed to learn in recent years following major storms.

An emergency kit was handed out (see photo) that included emergency water, safety goggles, first aid kit, k-rations, flashlight, am-fm radio, batteries, whistle, water holder, work gloves, 1 mil drop cloth, light stick, emergency blanket, NIOSH Approved respirator mask, and duct tape. The National Guard also recommended attendees get a pet first aid kit and to take pets with you in an emergency situation.

Among other suggestions was having a paper copy of phone contacts in case your cellfone is inoperable.

New York has a NYS Alert site on the web and there is now a phone app for the same thing, referred to as IAlertz, guard members told the audience.

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