Stony Point Town Board Approves New Roof for Police Department; Reproves Private Plow Operators for Impeding Local Snow Removal


Stony Point Police Chief Brian Moore informed the Town Board Tuesday night that the Police Department headquarters was in dire need of a new roof. The current roof, the building’s original, is 35 years old and has long outlasted its projected life of 15 years, he said.

Not only is the roof ancient, it has also been modified to support the superstructure built on top if it to accommodate the adjacent cell tower’s equipment and control sheds. In particular, the roof has been leaking at the points where the structure’s metal support columns cut through to connect to the building’s main infrastructure. The Board agreed that the replacement had to be done. The work will be paid out of the Town’s Building and Facilities Improvement Fund and the project will be put out to bid within the next week, with the return date projected to be around March 20.

Town Engineer Kevin Maher said that with advances in technology, the need for such bulky cell tower equipment burdening the roof could be eliminated by installing current streamlined upgrades. Supervisor Geoff Finn replied that the Board has already been talking with the cell tower owners about doing so. The town expects the roof to be done by April, Finn said.

Several members of the public, as well as the Board, recognized the Herculean efforts by the Highway and the Police Departments to keep Stony Point streets clean and safe during this spate of winter storms. Highway Superintendent Larry Brissing also personally commended his staff for the outstanding job they’ve been doing.

However, Chief Moore expressed extreme frustration with private homeowners and snow plow operators who have left piles of snow, removed from driveways, on freshly plowed public streets. Moore said that not only does this create a safety hazard, it also costs the taxpayers additional money when the Highway crew has to return to re-plow the street. Violators of the law can be fined.

Although the golf course is blanketed with snow, Director Dave Fusco is already gearing up for the 2014 season. The board approved a number of his equipment purchase orders, as well as a request to go out to bid for pesticides and fertilizers. The Board also approved the re-hire of all of last year’s 10 seasonal groundskeepers at the budgeted 2 percent salary increase. On a frigid winter’s night, the prospect of a green and flourishing golf course brought cheer to everyone at the meeting.

Susan Filgueras announced the February 24 public meeting for the Community Reconstruction Zone Committee, 7 p.m. at the RHO building. All members of the pubic, including students who are thinking about possible public service projects, are invited to attend and give their input on what projects and improvements they think would make the best use of the $3 million grant from the state.

Jay Wood of the Police Department also announced that on the same date, from 3 to 9 p.m., at the RHO senior cafeteria, there will be a blood drive held in memory of his friend who died in a car crash. This is the fifth year the PBA is holding the drive; they have averaged about 85 donated pints of blood at previous events, and hope the turnout will be just as good or better this year.

Chief Moore also announced that there is at least one crossing guard vacancy, and the Department might be hiring several more. Anyone interested in a crossing guard position can contact the Police Department for more information.

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