Bryant Dickerson
Bryant Dickerson

It started out as a simple open container summons, but before it was over, one of Orangetown’s finest was removing bags of crack cocaine from the buttocks of 26-year-old Nyack resident Bryant Dickerson.

Just a minute after midnight on Saturday, February 15, an Orangetown police officer alleges that Mr. Dickerson was in possession of an open bottle of Hennessey Cognac in front of 26 South Franklin St. in Nyack, in violation of a village open container statute.

The Orangetown officer approached Dickerson to issue him a summons when out from Dickerson’s jacket pocket came a plastic bag that was then “placed into his buttocks,” police said. The rear-end hiding strategy did not serve Dickerson well, however, as the officer promptly searched his pants and buttocks and found the plastic bag containing 20 small zip-lock bags of crack cocaine, weighing a total of 4 grams.

After the officer removed the crack from Dickerson’s buttocks, he charged him with one count of criminal possession of a controlled substance with the intent to sell (Class B felony) in the third degree and two counts of possession in the fifth degree (Class D felonies). Also found on Dickerson’s person was $3,000 in cash, which police believe was procured via drug sales.

Dickerson is a resident of 506 Rockland Garden Apartments.



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