Clear Off Your Killer Icicles

As thaw hits, take action


MaryAnn McLoughlin Walsh, Town and Country in PomonaRecent weather has led to the formation of massive icicles clinging to the roofs of many buildings. As a thaw hits this weekend it is a smart time to knock these icicles down if they pose any threat of hitting a person or pet.

Rockland County Fire and Emergency Services Director Gordon Wren Jr. advises that Rocklanders to have a professional deal with dangerous icicles, as it is common that accidents occur when folks attempt to knock them down on their own. However, should you choose to go ahead and remove the icicles yourself, Wren’s advice to people is “Stay way off to one side and use a very long pole (like one used to skim a back yard pool) and/or open a window from inside the house and use a long pole to break them off so they do not become the victim of their own efforts.”

Wren noted, “The very heavy ones can break windows and damage other parts of a building and yard items. We are also concerned about the weight of the snow and ice on roofs and potential for rain in coming days as well as flooding.”

Stony Point Police Lieutenant Keith Williams said, “I would say if the areas below the giant icicles are accessible to the public, then as a matter of safety, the building owner has a responsibility to have them removed or cordoned off so as to not subject anyone to the hazard of icicles falling off and hurting someone.”

Williams also noted that should someone be aware of an intrinsic danger and fails to act/and or do something about it and someone is in fact injured/killed, then there could be an argument for a criminal charge due to negligence if it can be proved.

Due to a period of ice during the Nor’easter last week, drivers across the region faced dangerous falling snow/ice chunks from trees.

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