CPD Issues Press Release Updating Nadell Investigation


The Clarkstown Police Department is still aggressively investigating the homicide of Peggy Nadell.  We are committed to finding the person or person(s) responsible for her death and bringing them to justice.

Although specific details about the investigation cannot be released, the Clarkstown Police Department would like to once again stress that we believe this to be an isolated incident and that there is no further danger to the community at this time.

Despite several distractions that have arisen during this investigation, the Clarkstown Police Department has and will continue to stay focused on the goal, not just arresting those responsible but having enough evidence for a successful outcome at trial.

Chief Michael Sullivan said “We are making progress in the investigation of Ms. Nadell and would like to reassure the public that we are doing everything possible, leaving no stone unturned, in conducting a complete and thorough investigation.  We continue to stay focused and conduct ourselves as well as this investigation with the utmost professionalism.”  

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