Cat_Raven_1_yr_FRaven is a beautiful, young long-haired tortoise-shell cat that loves attention. She is very friendly and has no problems with other cats when she is let out of her cage. Last fall Raven took refuge in a garage where she gave birth to kittens. She was not a feral cat and probably had either gotten lost or was thrown out because she was pregnant.

After she gave birth at Hi-Tor it took a little time before she began to nurse the kittens and even then she wasn’t having anything else to do with them. Eventually her maternal instincts kicked in and she became a great mother. She even started nursing at least one kitten that was not hers. If you are interested in adoption this gem, please contact Hi-Tor Animal Care Center, 65 Fireman’s Memorial Drive, Pomona, NY, 845-354-7900.

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