Castricone Calls on Cuomo to Keep Charter Schools Open


Tuxedo-Calling it ‘a perverted, cruel, sick stunt,’ NY Assembly Candidate Dan Castricone today blasted NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio for closing three charter schools in New York City that serve minority children, and called on Governor Cuomo to keep them open.

“Parents of children trapped in failing schools deserve a choice,” said Castricone. “de Blasio’s attempt to stifle the charter school movement in the city is left wing racism. No child and no parent should be forced to endure a failing school because of the color of their skin.”

“Today hundreds of parents and children traveling to Albany to make their voice heard. Count me among those who have joined the chorus; and one of those who would vote to thwart the Mayor’s attempt to deprive parents of their rights. This is the civil rights issue of our time.”

“New York State can easily find the money to keep the schools open,” said Castricone. “Cancel the taxpayer funded ‘Start up New York’ ads and rededicate the money to keeping charters operating. That will do more to improve the business climate in New York than the propaganda the State is putting on TV.”

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