Open response to question from Newsday correspondent Mike Gormely,

I like Rob Astorino but I don’t feel he can or will win because he cannot trust the RINOs who will lay down on him and his candidacy like they laid down on me. Some of them have already jumped onto Cuomo’s bandwagon and the Republicans in the Senate have coalesced around Skelos to warm to Cuomo, like a bunch of cowards.

Rob can’t raise money and he has a bad name recognition problem. Nevertheless, if Trump does not run and Astorino does denounce the RINOs and purge them from the party, then I will support Astorino. That means he will have to break with Cox, whose time as State party leader appears to be running out. Cox says he can’t denounce the RINO’s because he wants “party unity.” Well the rank and file of the Republican and Conservative parties don’t want to be united with the sellout RINOs like Cox, Skelos, Kolb, Maziarz, Libous, Reda, etc.

The Astorino candidacy is only being promoted by Cox to perpetuate the Albany establishment and the abuse of government by the arrogant and vain tyrant, Andrew Cuomo, who wants to maintain the status quo. The rank and file want change and Cox appears to be setting Astorino up as a sacrificial run to keep all his RINO lobbyist buddies like D’Amato fat and happy, feeding at the public trough. Only the cleansing of the Republican party over the next few months will result in a formidable effort to take down the tyrant. Remember, county chairs representing 70 percent of the weighted vote at the convention met with Trump in NYC and pledged their support to him. Astorino doesn’t have the money or support to run a primary.


2010 GOP gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino

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