Union Agrees To Cooling Off Period Before Rockland Recycling Center Strike

The union representing employees at the Rockland Recycling Center has agreed to a 60-day delay in beginning a strike at the center.

“We do this at the behest of Rockland Solid Waste Committee Chairman Christopher St. Lawrence,” said Teamsters Local 445 representative Jerry Ebert, who represents the employees of the Charlotte-based recycling management company ReCommunity. He said St. Lawrence had telephoned him to ask for a “cooling off” period.

Ebert said that Rockland ReCommunity, a national company that contracts the running of the facility for Rockland County, is offering no raises or additional time off for the employees. “They only make between $9 and $14 per hour, and the work is very dirty and difficult.”

Ebert said he hoped to meet in the next few weeks with St. Lawrence and ReCommunity representatives in an effort to resolve the dispute.

When the union announced they were considering a strike at the Hillburn facility Solid Waste Chairman Christopher St. Lawrence told the Rockland County Times that he would attempt to intervene and prevent a work stoppage.

He also noted the management of the facility’s contract is up and their fairness toward workers will affect whether or not they win the new contract.

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