Zebrowski: Sitting Regent Replaced as Legislators demand Common Core Changes

Press Release from Zebrowski

On Tuesday, the State Legislature replaced a sitting regent for the first time in several decades as legislators continue to push for changes to the implementation of the common core standards.

For decades, Members of the Board of Regents have been re-elected without major opposition.  This year, a coalition of Assembly Members insisted that sitting regents and challengers participate in a more time consuming and rigorous interview process to allow Legislators the opportunity to convey the frustrations of parents over the common core implementation. The Board of Regents has recently enacted several changes to the common core as a result of these concerns, however, Legislators continue to push for a moratorium on high stakes testing and additional reforms.

“The Board of Regents needs to understand that the common core roll-out has been a failure resulting in confusion, stress and hardship for our students, parents and teachers.  I joined with a coalition of my Assembly colleagues to replace Regent Jackson who has been one of the common core’s most adamant supporters.  Throughout the process, Regent Jackson displayed an unwillingness to implement change and just this past Monday, gave a speech that suggests he would impede reasonable reforms.  Therefore, I insisted that Regent Jackson be replaced and a suitable replacement was selected in Josephine Finn.  In her interview, Ms. Finn showed a willingness to listen to parents, students and teachers. She was open and receptive to reforming the common core implementation. This replacement, along with the legislation recently passed by the Assembly that institutes a moratorium and protects student data, continues our quest to implement meaningful reforms to the common core,” Assemblyman Zebrowski said.


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