Lalor, Hudson Valley Towns Call on Governor to Extend Manufacturers Tax Cut to MTA Counties


Assemblyman Kieran Michael Lalor (R,C,I – Fishkill) was joined by Deerpark Town Supervisor Karl Brabenec and East Fishkill Town Councilman Emanuele Marinaro at a press conference today to call on Governor Cuomo to expand his proposed tax cuts for manufacturers to include manufacturers in every New York county. Cuomo’s budget proposed eliminating the corporate income tax on upstate manufacturers; manufactuers in MTA region counties would still face a full tax.

“The governor’s proposal would be devasting to jobs in the MTA region, particularly Dutchess and Orange Counties,” said Lalor. “Why would a new manufacturer move to Dutchess or Orange and pay the full tax when they could go just a few miles down the road to Ulster County and pay no tax? Taxes are too high across New York. We’re losing jobs across New York. Governor Cuomo needs to represent all New Yorkers and work to grow the economy in every New York county. The Poughkeepsie-Newburgh-Middletown metro region was one of only two regions in New York to lose jobs last year. The governor’s proposal hits us the hardest. We can’t afford it. I’m glad the Assembly and Senate are working on different plans that would extend the region where the tax is eliminated. The governor needs to do the same.”

Cuomo’s proposal eliminates the corporate income tax on upstate manufacturers. Upstate is defined as outside the MTA region. Manufacturers in the MTA region, which includes Dutchess, Orange, Putnam, Rockland, Westchester, Suffolk, and Nassau Counties as well as New York City, would continue to pay the tax. The Assembly’s budget proposal extends the tax elimination to Dutchess and Orange Counties. The Senate’s budget resolution eliminates the tax across New York.

Lalor has circulated a resolution to Hudson Valley towns, calling on the governor to extend the tax elimination to the MTA Region. The Towns of Wappinger, Beekman, LaGrange, Poughkeepsie, North East, Warwick, Deerpark, Fishkill, and East Fishkill, the Villages of Fishkill and Rhinebeck and Orange County have already passed the resolution.

“It is a shame that New York State continues to punish Orange County and the rest of the counties in the MTA region with burdensome taxes on all business,” said Karl A. Brabenec, Deerpark Town Supervisor and candidate for NYS Assemblyman in the 98th District. “We need to encourage and compete for economic development by lowering taxes for businesses and residents. I, along with the members of the Deerpark Town Board, encourage our state government officials to include the counties in the MTA Region in the elimination of the corporate tax on manufacturers.”

“The Town of Poughkeepsie supports Assemblyman Lalor’s call to eliminate the corporate income tax on manufactures for all the counties in New York State,” said Todd Tancredi, Poughkeepsie Town Supervisor. “The Governor’s proposal to split New York State into separate tax zones is divisive and will pit New Yorkers against each other and further drive jobs out of our community.”

“This is an ill-conceived idea which will pit New York counties against each other by creating separate tax zones and discourage businesses from locating in my Town”, said Michael Sweeton, Warwick Town Supervisor and the president of the Orange County Association of Towns, Villages and Cities.

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