DAY: Lowey Wouldn’t Shake My Hand



Lowey Refuses to Take Photo Shaking Hands with Chris Day
Lowey also reminded of debate local church is planning 

New City –
 This morning during a chance encounter at the Rockland Building & Construction Trades Council, Nita Lowey explicitly refused to pose for a photo shaking hands with her opponent, Chris Day.”I managed to speak with Nita briefly, and told her I was looking forward to a good, clean, issues-focused campaign,” said Day, an Army veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq.
“When I suggested we take a photo shaking hands to show that we respect each other as people, and that this is just a polite political contest, I was quite surprised with her response of essentially ‘There’s no need for that, we have no reason to do that,'” Day continued, “I then pointed out that even boxers take photos touching gloves before they fight, but she still said ‘No, no, I don’t think so.'”

Day then reminded Ms. Lowey of the debate that the Gracepoint Gospel Fellowship in New City was trying to organize in the near term, and that he understood they were trying to get in touch with her to schedule a date.

“I said I look forward to the debate, and that I will accommodate any day or time that works for her and their schedules, as I also told their representative on the phone a few days prior,” said Day, adding “I believe debates are a key way to have a free exchange of ideas, and I hope that Ms. Lowey feels the same way.”

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