Stephanie’s Adventures in Singledom: 7 Signs that Someone is Into You


When you decide to play cupid for yourself, sometimes you hit tricky ground.

Over the past few months I have felt every emotion I thought I could possibly feel, and unexpectedly. See, that’s what “Cupid” has the power to do. It all started off with a smile, that quickly turned into realizing that the both of us click on every level. It went from working on developing a friendship to flirting, to finally hearing him say the other day, twice, that even he thinks we make a good team, together.

It has been completely hard for me to just send signals that we could be more than just friends, more than just working together, instead of just coming out and saying in my “go-getter” way, “I want you.” As everyone who reads my weekly blog knows, that after reviewing my approach and tuning it a bit, I decided to just go with the flow, therefore, creating the chase instead. I sympathize with any woman trying to figure out how a guy really feels. See, not only do women and men differ when it comes to sending signals to each other that they are interested, but women pick up on the signals a lot quicker than men do.

For example, here are 7 signs that SHE interested in you:

1-If she’s interested, she will often text you out of the blue or ask you questions about how your day is going.

2-Smiling often.

3-She plays with or tosses her hair as she is talking to you

4-If she initiates touch with you in any way. It’s one of the biggest signs that she’s attracted to you. It also suggests that you might be moving too slow and should have initiated touch already. She might grab your arm in excitement when talking about something, or hug you a lot more often. She will also move closer to you as the two of you.

are talking.

5-Giggling when you’re talking to her or around you , even at your corny jokes.

6-She will find excuses to hang out with you. She’ll find reasons to talk to you.

7-Strong eye contact is one of the most important signs that a girl is attracted to you. It’s not the only sign; women often bite their lower lip or touch their lips when they are interested.

And now, here are the 7 signs that HE is interested in you:

1- A sure-fire sign he’s starting to fall for you is when he starts opening up about very personal things. Maybe things that have happened in the past, or things that upset him to talk about. When he starts bringing this side of him out, he’s feeling very close to you. Guys don’t like to talk that much, so when they find a woman that they enjoy spending time with and whom they can trust, they feel as if they could talk to you for a very long time about anything.

2- Whether you are interested in a man who already has kids, (like I am) or interested in a guy who either works with kids or has young kids in his family, when he shows you what a good dad he is or will make, he does it so you’ll want to settle down with him.

3-He will remember your interests and act on it. If he remembers the little things that you’ve mentioned, he might be falling. If his face lights up brighter than yours when you talk about your big plans for your future and his enthusiasm is high, chances are he’s beaming because he’s envisioning himself in it. You also know that he really listens to you when he remembers things from previous conversations.

4-If he’s kissing your forehead, cheek, wrapping his arms around you and finding ways to just touch your arm, leg, or hand during a conversation, he really wants you.

5-When he tries to impress you that is a flat-out sign that he wants you to be intrigued by what he has to offer.

6-You can tell just by looking at him, his goofy smile will give it away.

7-The truest sign of a guy’s interest has to do with when he’s sending his texts. So if he is texting you between late morning and 5:00 p.m., he is surely interested in you.

Okay, so I have done all 7 signs to show this guy that I am interested in him and he has done all 7 signs that he is interested in me, so what’s the hold up? Just like Phil Collins sings, “You can’t hurry love.” Patience is certainly something that I have been working on in the love department, and it’s one of the hardest things to do: Wait. And what exactly am I waiting for, you ask? I’m just waiting to see what unfolds, let the relationship develop at it’s own pace, and see opportunites when I can now tell him that I am interested, without having to do the above.

The difference between “like” “love” and “in love” is the same as the difference between “for now” “for awhile” and “forever”. A relationship is like sand in your hand. Hold it loosely with respect, and stays, but when you close your hand tightly and become possessive, it slips through your fingers. Remember, being that everyone’s life is being played on social media, find someone who’s going to change your life for the better, not just your relationship status on Facebook.

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