North Rockland Musical Artist Development Program


Eric “Vegg” Sullivan
Eric “Vegg” Sullivan

An after school program at North Rockland High School (NRHS) is giving students the chance to learn about the music industry. In collaboration with The Rockland Welcome Committee, The Arts Council of Rockland and S&S Pro Sounds Studios, students are able to take advantage of a nine-week program called North Rockland Musical Artists Development.

Eric Sullivan, known in the community as “Vegg,” is the owner and sound engineer at S&S Pro Studios in Haverstraw, NY.

A NRHS graduate, Vegg was given the opportunity to teach an after school program in his alma matter after being discovered by Christine DeLillo, director of the Rockland County Welcome Committee. DeLillo approached Vegg with the opportunity to take advantage of educational grants awarded by the Arts Council of Rockland.

Assistant Program Manager of S&S Studios, Stew Schlamp and DeLillo encouraged Vegg to apply for the community arts grant and arts education grant with the Arts Council of Rockland. Vegg was awarded both grants.

Janey Tannenbaum, executive producer of the Art Council of Rockland stated, “One thing that impressed the grant panel was how successful the Haverstraw center summer program was. This program was tried and tested and came highly recommended”

In the summer of 2013, Vegg was highly successful in the Summer Artist Development Program sponsored by the Rockland Independent Living, held at the Haverstraw Recreational Center.

DeLillo said, “Vegg is known in the community as the go to guy in music and giving back. To find out what’s happening in Rockland County with music you go to Vegg. The program in Haverstraw Center was such a success, and we needed to keep going. I am a big fan of S&S Studios and Veg now.”

Back in NRHS Assistant Principal Jorge Montero stated with confidence, “We are glad to offer a home to such a great program. I really liked the program he did in Haverstraw. Two former North Rockland High School Students performed at that event and gave us great reviews”.

The program’s class structure is composed of english composition, song writing and development, music business, sound engineering and music production. Special guests and mentors are scheduled to showcase their knowledge and share real world experience with the program participants. At the end of the program, students will get the chance to feature a performance and display their musical talents.

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Starting in May 2014 if you have an idea for a project and would like to apply for a grant the Arts council of Rockland will help you with grant writing. Stay connected at

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