FL 031814 BSK CHN DanceThe Clarkstown North High School Competitive Dance Team received an honor from the Rockland Legislature for its successful season recently. Each member received a certificate in recognition of Outstanding Athletic Achievement and the team’s coach was presented with a Distinguished Service Award

The 14-member team performs kickline and hip hop dance and competed at two venues this year. The team placed second in kickline and third in hip hop at their first competition in Lakeland, NJ. They captured first place in both events at their second competition in Westfield, Massachusetts and won the Crowd Pleaser Award, as well.

“These young ladies practiced afterschool every day to choreograph and synchronize their routines,” said Legislator Barry Kantrowitz, “and it paid off. They upped the ante and danced off with first place at their second competition. They can be proud of their successful season and also for the manner in which they represented their school and community. That is as important as athletic ability. We are all very proud of their skill, their team spirit and praiseworthy conduct.”

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