Local Blimpie Stores Celebrate 50th Birthday with 50 cent Subs

First 200 Customers to Visit Local Blimpie on Friday, April 4th Receive 50 Cent Blimpie Best


What: Local Blimpie stores will join all Blimpie stores around the country in commemorating the national chain’s 50th anniversary by offering up 50 cent subs on Friday, April 4th 2014.   The first 200 customers to visit any local Blimpie on April 4th will receive a 50 cent Blimpie Best – the brand’s best-selling sub made of slow-cured ham, prosciutinni, cappacola, salami and provolone and dressed The Blimpie Way with tomatoes, lettuce, onion, oil, vinegar and oregano all on a sub roll.

Why: 50 years ago this week, three high school friends in Hoboken, NJ set out to create the greatest sub sandwich on the planet.   They called it a Blimpie as they thought their newly created sub sandwich resembled a blimp.   A half century later, that sub has become beloved by millions and the brand has grown to hundreds of locations around the globe.   Considering the Blimpie Best has been a menu mainstay and the top seller for decades, each Blimpie location is offering 50 cent Blimpie Bests in honor of the customers, both young and old, who have helped the brand grow and thrive.

How to Join the Celebration: Local Blimpie owners are eager to celebrate their golden anniversary with local media members who are devoted to serving the community just like they are.   In the coming days, Blimpie owners would like to bring a sub platter to your local studios to celebrate their 50th birthday with the hosts, producers and crew who make your TV station great.

In addition, each local Blimpie owner is opening up its doors to media members who want to stop by and catch the 50 cent sub insanity on Friday, April 4th.   Owners are expecting hundreds of fans to join them in store to celebrate the birthday and enjoy their discounted Blimpie Best.   Feel free to stop by one of the local Blimpie stores to interview the owner about the big things Blimpie has in store for fans this year in honor of its 50th birthday.

Where: All Blimpie locations are participating in the 50th birthday bash – contact me for directions to the closest store.   Also, as discussed, local Blimpie owners are willing to bring subs to the station direct to celebrate in studio.

When: Nationwide birthday celebration occurs on Friday, April 4.   Store hours vary by location.

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