Stephanie’s Adventures in Singledom: Singled Out Tips for Inviting Guests Who Are Single


When you get invited to a wedding and you’re single, you panic. Period. Many visions of nightmare situations start bouncing around in your head. Where am I going to be seated? Will I be asked to bring a guest, if so should I bring one? What if I am not asked to bring a guest? Maybe I will be dating someone by then?

The list goes on and on.

I can tell you from personal experience, that it totally sucks to be thrown into a corner table like you have some infectious disease because the wedding you are attending did not even know what to do with you! Instead of course putting you at a table where you would have been comfortable at, in the first place.

The other thing that always annoys the hell out of single people, is the fact that the happy couple to be only “allows” those who are in a relationship to bring a guest, instead of extending that same common courtesy to everyone. This is beyond rude and humiliating for every single person on Earth! They might as well have drawn a target with an arrow over my head that says: “Caution: single person ahead!”

But what tops all of this is having the DJ tell everyone to look at their drivers license and if it says single, come on out on the dance floor to catch the bouquet, with Beyonce’s song, “Single Ladies” blaring in the background. Seriously, could he be anymore humiliating than that? How about draw the “Scarlet Letter” on each and every single ladies dress because being single means that you aren’t worth it. (That is so far from the truth- you are single because you won’t settle for less than you deserve, and instead of being rewarded, single people are tortured daily about it.)

Here are some tips for those who are getting married and for those single people who have to endure attending a wedding:

1- Please oh Please let the single person you invite have the option to bring a guest. This whole notion of only allowing those in a “relationship” to bring a date is rude and humiliating. And what really constitutes a “relationship?” How long must they be dating to be “allowed” to bring a date? Plus not to mention you are also being discriminating and singling out single people- not cool.

2- Look through the guest list and place people at tables where you know they are going to want to sit and where they are going to be most comfortable.

3- Don’t just “throw” a single relative or friend at a table- you would want to be treated with respect so you need to respect your guests.

4- If you are single and have the option to bring a guest- do it, even if he/she is just a friend.

5- If you are single and they don’t allow you to bring a guest- demand that they do (especially if you are older than 21)

6- If you are single and they throw you at a table that you don’t want to be sitting at, you have four options: first, you can demand a seat change right then and there. Speak with the hotel staff and tell them to add a place setting at a different table. They want you to be happy and enjoy yourself (at least they should be on your side) secondly, you can drink yourself silly as long as you are NOT driving home that evening. (NEVER drink and drive!) or fourth, (and this is going to sound extreme, but those who read my blog every week, you know how I think) You can open the card and change the amount of money you are giving the couple. Hey, why not? They did not respect your feelings did they? They had you sit at a table that you didn’t want to be at PLUS they didn’t even extend the courtesy of you bringing a guest, while they “allowed” some guests to bring someone. Now, I have never done that, I have been very tempted too, but if your gut tells you to do it, then by all means.

The best thing to remember is that karma always spins her magic and what goes around, comes around. So when its your turn to get hitched and the tables are turned you can always do what my best friend says and “Sit them near the speakers.”

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