Stephanie’s Adventures in Singledom: Hitting on Women Nonos


If there’s one thing I don’t quite understand in this social media world, it’s the fact that today, guys think sending pictures of their privates to girls they hit on is totally acceptable, when in fact it’s just totally the opposite.  Here’s a brief, yet accurate way of how guys asking girls out has gone: 1920: “May I have this dance?” 1950: “Want to go to the drive-in?” 1980: “What’s your sign?” 2014: “Here’s a picture of my dong.”

It’s not the first time a guy has hit on me on social media, and I can tell you that it won’t be last time either.  There’s just a better way of doing it then sending me photos of your junk, because seriously, that is not only a complete turn-off as it is just plain creepy. I don’t take them as a compliment either, seriously how can I?  “Here, I think you are hot, sexy and one of the smartest ladies I know, so this is for you!”  Well, first off, if you are going to call me a lady, then you need to know how to treat me as one, and sending me a disgusting photo is not respectful to a lady.

Here’s the misconception, yes, I talk about sex and even give advice about sex, that does not mean that I enjoy getting pictures of strange men’s privates in messages.  I am not one of those “hooker” type girls.  The ones who easy spread their legs for just about every guy that walks by. Nope. That is not I. Being a lady today is a lost art. There are not too many women out there who don’t even know what it means to be one.

A lady by today’s definition knows that through educating herself in every way possible, from higher education to embracing common sense and using her intuition, empowers her to become a woman of accomplishment. She knows it is not her dress size or the money she possess that brings her total satisfaction in life. Being called a  “lady” is the one of the highest compliments a woman can receive in her life.   A lady always leaves something to the imagination,  therefore, a true lady dresses like one, flirts like one and a true lady always goes the distance to make the people in her life feel incredibly special.

I can flirt to the point where I am a tease and I can joke around where I  act silly with a guy, but under no certain terms will you ever see me wanting to be treated as a girl who enjoys one night stands.

The value of a woman doesn’t decrease based on the man’s inability to see her worth. I am a very strong, independent, beautiful, caring, passionate woman, who knows her worth. And one day some man will come along and see what I have to offer and what I have to offer is the complete package. What people don’t realize is that friends with benefits or one night stands is telling you to your face, is that you’re good enough to screw but that you are not good enough to invest feelings in. And frankly I am more than good enough for a man to invest his feelings in.

Social Media is like a nude beach. Everybody lets everything hang out, a lot of which you really don’t want to see.   And men on social media are like Bluetooths, connected to you when you are nearby, but searching for other devices when you are away.  There’s always going to be that girl that actually “likes” getting inappropriate pictures sent to her on her Twitter or Facebook accounts and guys will continue to keep sending the pictures until they find the “easy” target. Some days I think Forrest had the right idea when he dropped everything and just kept running. Trying to find a normal guy online is like the IKEA of relationships. Easy to walk into, confusing to piece together and difficult to exit.  And if you have read my previous posts, then you know that I don’t plan on meeting any guys for relationships online. That includes, Facebook, Twitter, and any other site that can possibly have guys sending me pictures I really don’t want to see.

If you want others to respect you, you’ve got to show that you deserve to be respected and that can be done by the way you show respect towards them.

I can’t make people value me. All I can do is show them who I am, what I feel, and what I believe in. It’s up to them to realize my worth. And what every woman needs to learn is the difference between what you’re getting and what you deserve. Let the universe know this by the way you treat yourself.

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