STYLE BY LONDON: The Best of Both Worlds Fashion Show

Founder and CEO of the Fashion House of London

unnamedunnameddddOn Saturday, April 5 at Paul Pellicoro’s Dance Sport Studios, located at 22 West 34th St., the runway came alive.

Over 200 guests watched in amazement as The Best of Both Worlds Spring Fashion Show brought New York to its feet, just as the concept of the show made the audience stand up and take note as well. Curvy girls and straight-size girls coming down the runway at the very same time has never been done before and La Teffaney Scott, CEO of Kuvacious Boutique, an online store for the woman who has more to offer, should be very proud of her vision’s birth.

It was last year after the first annual Face of Kurvacious, a model competition that crowns one curvy girl and two runner ups to be the FACE of her company for one year, that LaTeffaney had approached House of London stating she wanted to collaborate on a fashion show project. After some thought, she came up with The Best of Both Worlds, a show that would feature both curvy and straight size models at the same time. For far too long the curvy girl has been placed on the back burner and not given her due.

The average size woman in America is a size 14, so with that being said why is she still so underrepresented? Well the time has come and Kurvacious Boutique and Fashion House of London have vowed to make her more than relevant. Our goal is to continue to level the playing field and give curvy woman everywhere her chance to own the spotlight. We plan on having this sold out event annually from now on making room for models of all sizes to release their inner DIVA on the runway.

The event featured two designers on the runway at the same time, and, more than anything, it fostered many new collaborations with models, designers and media resources.

The coverage by deejay and model Yum Yum of Kurvy Plus TV, owned and operated by Mr. Flint , and Shawn Montgomery, CEO of TNT LLC., was incredible. The outstanding photography crew led by Joe Clark’s team from Fashion Avenue News Magazine, the talented photography of Michael Cox from memory4life, Photography by Chevroly Ogilvie at Ayoomoments, and Horace Robinson Photography. The deejay for the evening, who turned it up and helped the models to really strut their stuff, was DJ Vital from TNT LLC., and a special guest performance by L Smoove was off the chain.

Megan Geier and her team from Lia Sophia provided all of the jewelry for each of the designer’s collections. They did a fantastic job. Everyone was instrumental in making this event a huge success, but make no mistake without the designers this show would not have been possible.

The designer’s line up that bought the fashion industry to its feet kicked off with the Boutique collections from Kurvacious vs. House of London followed by Flora Louise Vintage vs. Phoenix Elite. Then V. Hanley Designs vs. Niq Nicole. In the second half of the show Kichella Karoar vs. Big Girls United followed by Hope Wade Designs vs. Juul Couture. The finale featured the amazing pairing of Nime Jamal couture vs. Robert E. Knight. The Collections presented by all of these amazing designers were full of texture and variety, taking the audience on a magnificent journey into their creative inspirations for spring fashion 2014. Social media has been flooded with positive feedback as well.

Many of the guests who posted pictures as well as the professional images that have been posted has opened the door for many discussions of praise for the production. Kurvacious Boutique and Fashion House of London are truly grateful for the success of this production and look forward to The Best of Both Worlds, Part 2 coming Spring 2015. Stay tuned and keep your eyes open to one of the many fashion show production that will be headed your way soon. Until then remember to Love the Skin Your In.

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