DAY 100 — New county exec marks 100 days in office

NEW CITY, NY — Rockland County Executive Ed Day marked his first 100 days in office with a gathering at Miller Elementary School in Nanuet last week. In addition, he released a list of reforms and initiatives he said he completed during the first 100 days of his administration.

“Facing a budget deficit of more than $145 million, I had no choice but to take immediate steps to stem the financial losses, ” said Day. “Starting at the top, we analyzed the needs of the County Executive’s Office and implemented a series of cost-saving measures and consolidations. To lead by example, we cut $76,000 in salaries from the Office of the County Executive, a savings of more than 10 percent.”

Day’s list of claimed accomplishments in his first 100 days include (in his words):

· Launched countywide organizational and salary structure review

· Consolidated Economic Development/Tourism and Human Rights/Community Development positions; several positions left unfilled, others abolished

· Appointed a county auditor to position left vacant since 2006

· In process of reforming the budget oversight process and the budget preparation process to improve financial outcomes and reduce the deficit

· Assessing the need and value of contract agencies and nonprofits doing business with the County

· Initiated meetings with the Office of the State Comptroller and bond creditors (Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s) to build market confidence in Rockland County

· Received a 2.70 percent interest rate for the General Obligation Bond Sale on its $96 million deficit financing bond for the Series 2014A held on March 4th

· Established shared services dialogue with town and village police and highway departments

· Launched comprehensive review of commissions and boards

· Finalized the transfer of Rockland County’s Mental Health Crisis and Inpatient units to Nyack Hospital, saving millions of taxpayer dollars

· Set cooperative tone with the Legislature

· Employed proactive approach to media (traditional, digital, social) to facilitate transparency

In addition, he said, the Office of County Executive Day oversaw the completion of several projects including: a new interstate partnership with leaders in Bergen County, the rollout of new electronic fareboxes aboard the Transport of Rockland fleet and enhanced oversight of CSX freight trains moving through the county.

Said Day, “This government must – and will – manage essential services in a continually more efficient and responsive manner, employing skilled professionals and implementing smart policies that reflect the great potential our county posses. Most of all, this government will be held accountable to our residents.”

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