Supervisor Alex Gromack and Councilwoman Shirley Lasker along with the Town Board have announced the winners of the Town of Clarkstown’s Environmental Excellence Award to two recipients: Tony Lisanti and Keep Rockland Beautiful. The two recipients will be recognized at the May 6, 2014 Town Board meeting at 8pm. A birdhouse will be dedicated in honor of each recipient and installed at the Congers Trailway at a later date.

Tony Lisanti has been a volunteer in Clarkstown for several years including the Greening Clarkstown event in 2009, the Clarkstown Environmental Summit in 2011 and for the upcoming Smart Home Smart Choices event later this month. He has also assisted Town Board members in presenting valuable energy saving information to the various senior groups throughout the Town. Since 2006, Tony has contributed to the technical guidelines for the Clarkstown Energy Conservation Code. Tony was also instrumental in getting a local developer to exceed the Clarkstown Energy Conservation Code, building to the current EPA and NYSERDA Energy Star home requirements. Tony has spent countless hours advocating for compliance and building beyond the current energy codes throughout the region in an effort to conserve energy making him a leading environmental figure in Rockland.

Keep Rockland Beautiful has been helping in the fight against litter since it opened its doors in Clarkstown in 1997. Over the years, KRB continues to dedicate their efforts to removing litter along our roadways, commuter lots and public places by organizing various volunteer cleanups throughout the town. Not only does KRB help beautify the Town but their efforts stop tons of litter and debris from entering into our drainage systems and streams. KRB also organizes environmental education events in schools, promotes litter law enforcement, and supports public art and beautification activities. KRB was instrumental in assisting the Town organizing the Clarkstown Environmental Summit in 2011.

All residents and media are welcome to attend the recognition ceremony the board meeting on May 6.

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