NEIGHBOR VS. NEIGHBOR: Drama persists at Pezzementi property in Stony Point


20140422_155227Drama has escalated between local businessman and former Sullivan County cop Todd Pezzementi and his neighbors, the Fonseca Family, on Lindbergh Road in Stony Point.

Pezzementi was arrested for criminal mischief in December for allegedly cutting the Fonsecas’ water well after Marge Fonseca had complained repeatedly to the town that Pezzementi was not following zoning ordinances and was operating his business Northern Tree Services on residentially zoned property.

The town did not give Pezzementi a requested variance and has also reportedly levied a fine against him. He has continued to operate the business, however, according to the Fonsecas and Zoning Board member Ed Keegan.

Keegan told the Rockland County Times he also had a run-in with Pezzementi when visiting the property and is considering pressing charges because Pezzementi ran after him in an allegedly threatening manner.

“He’s out of control,” Keegan said.

The Fonsecas also complained that a member of the Pezzementi family has posted a billboard on the border of their property facing the Fonseca house, reading “White Trash, Why Don’t You Leave?,” as well as a painted middle finger.

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