NAACP rescinds Donald Sterling’s “Lifetime Achievement” Award

NBA owner Donald Sterling’s history of racial insensitivity and allegations against him of outright racism had been covered up through the years by his philanthropy to African-American charitable causes, as evidenced by his 2009 and planned 2014 Lifetime Achievement Awards from the LA chapter of the NAACP. That seems to have come to an end now that his attitudes have been exposed to full light.

Following the recently published tapes that revealed Sterling telling his ex-girlfriend he did not want her being seen in public with black men, the NAACP rescinded his planned Lifetime Achievement Award. However, in the past, the chapter had spoken well of the tycoon and franchise owner even when he faced with allegations of racism against him by former Clippers GM Elgin Baylor and when he paid $2.4 million to settle a federal housing discrimination lawsuit that had alleged Sterling did not follow fair practices toward minorities in renting his properties.

The NAACP pointed to his charitable work, employment of minorities and his annual offering of thousands of free tickets to poverty-struck black children to attend LA Clippers games.

Attached is an image from the LA NAACP’s website that remained on the front page until Sunday.


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