Republican Party Chairman calls on US Attorney, JCOPE to investigate Governor


Chair Ed Cox released the following statement Monday morning:

“When Andrew Cuomo channeled Louis IX and said, ‘I am the government,’ New York laughed; when, with a voice dripping with disdain, he said that certain conservatives ‘have no place in the State of New York,’ New York disavowed his words.

“But the allegation by a respected reporter that the Governor’s Secretary interfered with a criminal investigation into fundraising by the Governor’s supporters and the Governor’s statement last week to an editorial board that he can turn the prosecutorial powers of the State on and off for political purposes, and his inadvertent admission that he actually did so, cross a line that warrants investigation by the United States Attorney and and certainly an ethical inquiry by the Joint Commission on Public Ethics.

“Such arrogance of power has no place in New York politics.”


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