The East Ramapo School Board and its allies have launched a campaign to challenge the formula for state aid as it effects East Ramapo District. They claim the district receives less funds than it should and is categorized as “affluent” even though it is lower income.

The district has 9,000 public school students and 22,000 private school students. The board said the state overestimates the wealth of the district based on its overall income, and does not sufficiently address costs for private school students in its formula.

Legislator Aron Weider, Superintendent Joel Klein, Councilwoman Brendel Logan and other gathered to trumpet the district’s intentions to fight for more aid “for the children.” They challenged their critics to join them in the cause.

However, opposition stalwart Stephen White stated that board is making a big show over nothing, said he’d love more state aid but the formula is what it is, and the real problem in East Ramapo is poor management.

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