Dear Governor Cuomo,

I was recently approached by the East Ramapo Maintenance, Transportation, Special Services and Security Employees Union who are local bus drivers for the East Ramapo School district. The school board is pursuing avenues of outsourcing the responsibility of providing busing for the children. I have major concerns over this. When you choose to outsource services I strongly believe that the lack of oversight will result in the quality of service declining. The layoffs will also cause a ripple effect in our community. Those of us who are responsible for preparing a budget must not only look at the numbers but must strive to deliver a fair budget. These are hardworking people who have devoted many years to providing outstanding service to our children.

As newly elected mayor in the Village of Spring Valley I have instructed my team to look at ways we can save money other than having to lay people off. We are making progress on this and have much more work to do. This is what I believe the East Ramapo School Board needs to consider doing. Hire the consultants to review overall spending and find ways to improve rather than concentrating on layoffs. You have been a great advocate for our public school systems. The division that has resulted in the East Ramapo School District because of these issues cannot be allowed to continue. We must, as leaders, work together with the East Ramapo School Board to assist in creating a plan which keeps the services and programs in place for our children. A strong education system will result in economic development, strong communities and less crime. We must tackle this issue now and I look forward to scheduling a meeting where we can sit down and discuss this further.


Mayor Delhomme

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