PEARL RIVER, NY May 1, 2014 — O&R is planning to begin the next stage of its natural gas service improvement project in the village of Nyack, weather permitting, next Monday, May 5.

The $1.3-million project is designed to modernize Nyack’s gas system to make it more reliable and frost resistant. The work will be performed on Broadway from First Ave northward to just north of Tallman Ave. Work on the project is expected to last through the end of October.

This phase of the project will replace about 12,000 feet of original gas main and services. Village leaders have been briefed on the project and its schedule.

Work will be performed between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Traffic control flaggers, cones and signs are to be fully deployed for workplace safety.

In addition to the gas main replacement on Broadway, original gas services will be replaced with new ones on the following streets:

Second Ave.

Third Ave.

Fourth Ave.

Orchard St.

Ackerman Pl.

Tallman Pl.

LaVeta Pl.

Hart Pl.

Sixth Ave.

Tallman Ave.

Grand Ave.

O&R will work with customers to minimize disruptions to gas service during this important facility upgrade to improve the safety of the gas infrastructure in Nyack.



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