Goldstein Lieberman & Company LLC continues to build momentum for its clients and for itself through research, a reputation for reliability and by developing countless complex and long-lasting relationships

Phil's Picture“It’s all about research, reliability and relationships” says Phillip E. Goldstein, managing partner of Goldstein Lieberman & Company LLC when asked to explain the company’s impressive growth during the challenges that faced so many between 2008 and today.

“More than five years ago, research told us that we should expect a crack in the foundation of the house of cards built by some Wall Street giants,” he says. “We passed the information to our clients prior to the predicted meltdown so that they could secure their positions. Since we’ve built our reputation on reliable advice, our clients listened. They didn’t just weather the so-called storm as many companies did. They followed our advice and our example. They forged ahead and seized opportunities. Today, as the economy recovers, our clients are already on their feet–fit and nimble: continuing to gather momentum,” he adds.

Goldstein Lieberman & Company didn’t just talk the talk. They walked it. During that same period, the firm acquired and merged with many regional entities, quickly moving up in ranking to become the largest firm in Bergen County, where it is headquartered, the largest in the Hudson Valley and one of the largest in the entire State.

Fostering relationships among clients, newly acquired firms and the community at large is one of Goldstein Lieberman & Company’s most important assets and it served them well during this time of unprecedented growth. “A lot of companies say they are in the relationship business, but typically they are speaking about business relationships. To us, it’s far more. We know, for example, that the success of many businesses–our own included– depends on the relationships among many strategic partners. We recognize that each partner, in turn, is affected by his or her own interpersonal relationships. As we get to know our clients and their families as well as our fellow colleagues, we help face challenges that may arise due to business and personal issues our clients face on a day to day basis and much more. It is not unusual for us to retain clients and employees through several generations and to assist families through periods of transition,” he maintains. “These real, ever-changing relationships are the cornerstone of our corporate culture.”

“To us, relationships extend beyond the workplace into community at large,” Goldstein explains. “Community relations prompted us to form the Goldstein Lieberman & Company Cares Program that we conceived in 2009 as a lifeline for the region’s not-for-profits during the economic downturn. “We saw that many businesses were struggling. Their struggles put regional not-for-profits who depended on corporate donations in peril,” Goldstein continues. “Our firm had always supported various causes and not-for-profit groups in our community in the past. Now our partners chose to do so in a more structured, public way. We saw the need was great and all area businesses needed to lend a hand.”

The idea was simple: award a meaningful donation to a different not-for-profit each month, publicize the donation to help the recipient organization’s public relations efforts and encourage other businesses to follow suit. “The program brought us closer together as a firm, and has fostered even stronger relationships within our community,” Mr. Goldstein comments. To date, the firm has donated over $350,000 to various groups and causes—from returning veterans, to breast cancer support groups, animal shelters, food pantries and countless others. “It taught us an incredible amount about the need within our community and cemented our relationships with the people who work tirelessly to fill those needs.”

Recently, the Rockland Business Association awarded Goldstein Lieberman & Company the Pinnacle Award for Corporate Citizenship largely in recognition of the Goldstein Lieberman & Company Cares Program. “We were honored to join the ranks of previous recipients—companies such as Minolta, Dress Barn, Provident Bank and develop lasting relationships with them,” Goldstein says. The event drew the largest crowd ever to attend an RBA recognition ceremony. It provided Goldstein Lieberman & Company with a platform to encourage others to follow suit.

Today, Goldstein Lieberman & Company has expanded its corporate headquarters to accommodate a large and growing family of team members. It continues to apply the three “R”s to a variety of closely-held clients. “Being out in front is a great position to be in,” he says. “From where we’re sitting, the future looks bright and promising for our company and more importantly, for our clients at large.”

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